New week

Last week was pretty odd. Not in a bad way. I was more distracted and sick. We had lots of construction work, then I wasn’t feeling good, then I had to babysit. I also had high anxiety moments and some feelings from the past pop up. I can be pretty sensitive. 

So I didn’t eat well at all. That said, today I finished my book on emotional eating. I finished going through the 21 steps. I have learned a lot and a lot of my bad habits were lessened.  It’s a journey though. It’s not 21 days and you’re fixed. It’s, here’s a toolbox of things to work with for your life. 

And I’m thankful I read it. 

So here is a new week and I needed some inspiration and motivation. 

So much truth. Just like how the feelings, or the pain, will be there anyway. Choose how to use it. Use it to better yourself or destroy yourself. I want to better myself. 

And I’m thankful I’m loved. Even if I don’t believe I should be. 

<3. Happy Monday to you all out there! May you be inspired this week to do great things for yourself and others!


A little unfocused 

Yeah. I’m unfocused this week. Completely. I still have a post I want to do about last week, but I just don’t wanna yet. I’m to scatterbrained. 

I love to read. I’ve barely read all week. 

I give myself a solid c on my workouts this week. 

I haven’t been feeling good and I’ve been really tired. 

I just can’t settle myself down yet. 

And at this moment I just am feeling the irritation of it all. 


I feel tired. I feel off. I feel scared. 

Scared of failure. Tired of effort. Just off. Sometimes i go through these periods where nothing seems right. Pictures aren’t right. Food isn’t right. Body isn’t right. Relationships aren’t right. 

Everything is off. 

It’s often when I start to quit. Start to cry all day because quitting is failure. Ultimate failure. 

It’s like a death spiral. 

When I saw those words, it hit me. It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to rest for a bit. Take a step back and just chill. Don’t throw all your hopes and dreams away because of a bad day. Maybe a bad week. Hell, even a bad month or year. Rest. Then get back at it. 

I intend to lose myself in a book later. I can tell I need to check out of the world a bit. Be quiet and by myself. 

And that’s okay. 

March for Babies

So one exciting thing this weekend was that March for Babies. March of dimes. It really was extra important this year. 

My daughter was born 6 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the NICU. Nothing can prepare you for that road. These little preemies are fighters! Strong little fighters! 

But also many Babies are born early and don’t survive. And others suffer miscarriages. My sister had a miscarriage. She was able to put a little butterfly on the wishing tree! 

It’s important to celebrate and support and remember all the little ones born too early! It was pretty perfect t weather! It was just a great day!

And this year I bought a shirt that I love! So true!

Fight like a preemie! 

Excitement coming!

I won’t say what it is yet, but this will be an exciting week coming! 

I’m happy to say that I made a big leap of progress in just one week. So now the challenge is to keep that up in a week filled with busyness and excitement!

I’m starting to get obsessed with leggings. These are kinda similar to leggings but I love them! I’m hoping to get more sometime when I have extra $$ to blow. Who knows when that will be 😂

I was able to sit outside and enjoy the nice spring weather. I ventured out and got some pictures of trees. 

So, I’m excited for the week to come and making it work! 

Comparison kills

I have a hard time not comparing myself to others. Anyone else willing to admit that?

I heard someone say once to not compare your beginning to someone else’s end. Or even middle. 

So logically I know that we all are on a different path. We all are at different points. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t compare my step count to someone else’s, then feel bad about how small my number seems. Or I’ll look at someone else my age and see where they are at in their life and think how pathetic I am. 

But comparison just obliterates joy. 

I’m where I’m at. I’m working with what I’ve got. I’m on my own path.  

Strongest self

Today I started the strongest SELF challenge.  This are workouts that are literally done in under 10 minutes and completely affective. In 7 minutes not only was I out of breath, but my muscles felt it for sure. 

You don’t have to spend a ton of time working out. I love that! 

It’s also May! So I have some goals this month. 

1. To only have one soda a week. 

2. No pasta at lunch. 

I’m continually limiting carbs and sweets and being mindful. And that’s it! 

Here’s to hoping! I was reading about the power of visualization. It works! Just have to get into the practice of it!

I love these motivational things that pop up In my Instagram feed 😉 

So day 1 has been going well! Thankful for that. 

#strongestselfever #goalcrusher #letsdothis

Lazy day 

It’s good to have a lazy day every so often. Saturday’s are good for that. Though, I tend to pace around and feel guilty I’m not doing anything. I started to think, maybe I don’t know how to really relax! And yet, I like having time to just do things I actually want to do! 

All I did today was, well, pace around and think, edit pictures and read! Didn’t even get fully dressed. Not bad!

And may is quickly approaching, so I have been thinking about my May goals and planning stuff in my head! 

May you all enjoy a lazy, simple day of your own! 

Fresh start

On this #thankfulThursday , I’m thankful for every day, even every moment, being a fresh start. 

I’ve been feeling emotional lately. Feeling like I’m spinning my wheels. Not making any progress. 

Then I go back to the thought of “choosing your hard”.  Everything is going to be hard. But which hard will you choose? One that could pay off and benefit you one day? Or choose the one that will further tear you down and destroy you? 

Baby steps. Literally. Baby steps. 

Speaking of fresh start, spring continues to spring. It’s been so pretty! So I got out and took some pictures at a local cemetery that has tulips and has a tulip photo contest. Not all the tulips are blooming, but I got some of what tulips were there and lots of all the gorgeous trees. 

It’s one of my favorite things. And I love that I love it so much. 

I just need to find that same level of passion and love of passion in other areas of My life and remind myself of what’s important and that life is short. And forgive myself for the bad days too. Or, at least, be patient with myself for the bad days.